Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Analisis Peperiksaan SPM

Analysis SPM 2007-2012

After School Analysis SPM

[1103] Bahasa Melayu [Analysis 2008-2012]
[1119] English [Analysis 2008-2012]
[1249] Sejarah [Analysis 2008-2012]
[1449] Mathematics [Analysis 2008-2012]
[1511] Science [Analysis 2008-2012]
[3472] Additional Mathematics [Analysis 2006-2012]
[3755] Perdagangan [Analysis 2008-2012]
[3756] Prinsip Perakaunan [Analysis 2007-2012]
[4531] Physics [Analysis 2008-2012]
[4541] Chemistry [Analysis 2008-2012]
[4551] Biology [Analysis 2008-2012]

Download Steps:
1. Click on [Analysis 2008-2012]
2. Click on SKIP ADS to proceed to download page.
3. Happy download.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Ujian Aptitud Sekolah Rendah (UASR)

Aptitude test introduced in year 2009, this test is used to evaluate students' aptitude. The one and a half hour test comprises 61 multiple choice questions, divided into three sections based on three core areas namely thinking skills, problem solving and decision making.

Download UASR for more details.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bahasa Cina PMR 2011

Trial Paper Bahasa Cina
Here are some trial papers for Bahasa Cina, just click on the link below to download it, if there is a broken link, please do not hesitate to leave a message here, will fix it as soon as possible, thanks.


Click the link below to download the file. 

Papers 2011  

32/1 Percubaan Kedah 2011   [Q] [A]